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Friday, October 31, 2014

Family Time

The clouds had gathered through the night and by morning, 8 am, they were threatening.  Not cold enough yet for snow, but surely rain would fall today.  But the waters held off; the tears of heaven retained their height, until evening, and even after most of the Halloween Trick or Treaters had finished their rounds in the Winston Salem area.

Today was a family day.  We drove on past the raised foundations of the Bethabra Moravian Community Historical Site, the Wells Fargo Bank Building Tour (once called Wachovia) and several public libraries, all so that we could visit brother, sister-in-law, and nephew and niece and their spouses and child wherever we could.

First stop was the office of the non-profit and very successful Winston-Salem Youth Chorus.  Niece Lori has been the Administrative Director of this highly talented and musically eclectic group for less than a year but is very much in the groove as she works full time to keep the financial and public relations wheels greased and rolling.

Their much acclaimed Music Director, Barbara, is retiring after more than 20 years of service so Lori will be quite involved in the search for her replacement for the 2015 season even as she leads the work to take the group to New Orleans next year, and on tour out of the US in 2016. Busy!  Our friend Vicki would know all about that in her work as the Managing Director of the Conway Symphony, if you remember those posts from Arkansas several months ago.

Lunch with brother Marty and his wife Shelby at the West End Eatery was wonderful.  TY for the treat, guys! Then home for a nap for me (shades of Sunday afternoons when I was preaching twice a morning) and catchup conversations for Mona.

In the evening we went to the 13 Bones Restaurant to meet up with Lori, husband David and son Daniel, and Lori’s brother John and wife Christie. David is a teacher in the Midway Schools of the Winston Salem System and Daniel is an active student and member of his mom’s Chorus. John is THE IT guy at Cook Medical Supply and he helps (partners with) his wife Christie in her business as a professional photographer to the southern equestrian community through HIGH TIME PHOTOGRAPHY, the company 
                                                                         they started almost 5 years ago. 

Joining us for dinner was Ashley, a twenty-something and long time close member of Lori and David’s household. Ashley spent a year in Uganda ending last spring  teaching in an International American School and is now living and working with a friend in Winston Salem. Glad you could join us Ash!

Our server kindly took the picture above, and she let me take her picture too.  Sadly I neglected to write down her name! But we can call her Bat-Girl for now.

We drove the short distance to David and Loris to see their two new Shih Tzu (sounds like… no.  I’m not going there) pups, Willie and Millie. By the time we left the rain was falling harder and the temperature was COLD. 

To warm Mona’s heart John and Christie, at whose home we are staying this evening, treated us to a late night MILKSHAKE at Steak and Shake. Amazing how that cold shake warmed Mona right up!

John and Christie live in a very comfortable gated apartment complex and run their photography business entirely online from their home.  They spend most weekends, 40 this year, at horse shows of different types in several southern states, and their reputation for fine work is now growing exponentially.

Meanwhile, on the FROG front, our coach is all set to go and we pick it up Monday.  Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday.  The folks at Cummins have no problem with us taking our time getting back and she is all hooked up sucking down their electricity while she waits.

But we our home.  Its time to get back to her, and warmer weather.

Have you heard me say that before???


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